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Chips We've Bought


These are the first set of chips we ever bought. They are a solid plastic molded chip. Typically found between .05 and .10 cents ea. The only advantages to these chips is they are inexpensive (cheap). They don't look, sound, or feel like casino chips. They can warp in heat, they stack poorly over 15 or so high. They offer no security as anyone can bring them to your game. They are great for your kids to play with.

After selling our first set to a friend, we purchased a set of the "suited" chips above. They were advertised as "11.5g clay casino chips".  "Caveat Emptor" (buyer beware)! I have never since seen these in a casino, nor do these have anything but plastic molded around a metal slug in the middle. Cut one open if you can. We did with bolt cutters and a hack saw. These chips are found everywhere, and we mean everywhere, between .10 and .20 cents ea. Several plants in China makes these and sell them by the millions to distributors here in the states. Though they all look the same, every plant's product is a little different in sound, color tones, and quality. So if you buy from two different sources they will not match exactly. These are tough more indestructible than concrete. The plastic used is slick and makes it difficult to stack more than 10 chips high, the quality control is poor as some chips have high spots that also weakens a large stack, and they sound like large "washers" when they splash the pot.

These chips are identical to the chips above. Plastic molded around a metal slug. With everyone selling the above chips, some people are making new styles to grab attention with multiple colors and designs. Don't be fooled, they are all plastic molded and made by the hundreds of thousands. Not unique, not clay and definitely not casino chips.

These chips are plastic injection molded with a decal stuck on them. They allow a creative design to be applied to the chip but they are all plastic and sound and feel like it.


After we had accumulated all these chip samples we determined that none of them were worthy of our game. We have a fantastic table, the best cards, and are playing for "Real" money, we needed a "real" casino chip.

All our chips are of the same composition as those used in casinos all over the world. The only difference is we have chosen unique graphics and layouts for our designs, everything else is authentic casino quality. Want to take a look, order a sample set and see for yourself.

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